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4 foods that women should NOT eat if they want to lose weight

Food avoid losing weight: As the years go by, hormonal imbalances and metabolic changes make the goal of losing weight an almost impossible mission for many women . That is why, when a certain moment of life arrives, they must be more selective with their food if it is about caring for the silhouette.

These are four foods that women should not eat if they want to lose weight , experts say. Take note especially if you have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to get rid of those extra pounds.

Food avoid losing weight:

Diet drinks

It is true that diet drinks do not contain sugar or calories, but their large amount of chemicals and additives make them even more dangerous than a normal sugary drink . In fact, in the long term these substances cause the body to accumulate a greater amount of fat in the abdomen than drinks not designated as “light” or “zero calories”. It is best to consume water or natural tea without sugar.

Any type of refined flour can sabotage your efforts to lose weight . White bread, with or without sugar, and virtually any food based on refined flour, has been stripped of the fiber, so when consumed it causes an immediate increase in blood sugar and, as a consequence, an increase weight . If you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, the results get worse. It is best to replace refined flours with wholemeal flour and the less sugar, the better.


Juices, even the most natural ones, represent a shot of sugar that will not only have consequences on the inches of the waist , but also on cardiovascular health. The best option is to eat the fruit in its natural state instead of squeezing or liquefying it, because in this way you guarantee that you are consuming the fruit with all its nutritional properties and its fiber.

Nonfat milk

Consuming vitamin D has proven effective in increasing weight loss and many brands of milk available in the market are added with this vitamin. However, this nutrient requires fat to be absorbed by the body , so fat-free milk added with vitamin D will be practically wasted by the body. It is best to prefer whole milk, or 2 percent.

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