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Black seed oil, the latest to lose weight naturally

Naturally loss weight with Black seed oil If you have tried the benefits of apple cider vinegar or green tea to reduce a few pounds, you should know that black seed oil is the last thing to lose weight naturally .

It is an oil made from black cumin seeds, also known as Nigella seeds. Due to its slightly bitter taste, it is not as popular as the rest of the oils available in the market, but according to some recent research, it can be very effective when reducing a few centimetres of waist.

A Reader’s Digest report collected some research attributed to this oil, properties that help with weight loss . For example, this fat helps control the production of insulin by its ability to gradually regenerate the cells of the pancreas. In addition, it contains thimoquinone, an antioxidant that reduces body swelling.

However, since it is not regulated by any health entity, it is best to buy the oil backed by a prestigious brand and not consume it in excess. If possible, consulting a nutrition expert about proper use is ideal .

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